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Ditch the orange at-home tan look, and make sure you have the perfect, healthy, glowing skin, look. All appointments include a color/solution consultation, as well as your choice of a sent additive to avoid the traditional post-spray smell.

Custom Sweat-Proof Tan: $45

Sweat resistant solution great before vacations, pageants, cheer competitions, or for clients with an active lifestyle. Rinse after 3-5hours, lasts up to 10 days with proper care.


Custom Rapid Tan: $40

Professional solutions designed for celebrities and TV personalities, have your skin looking AND feeling better with our 3-5hour rinse solutions. Lasts up to 10 days with proper care.

Custom Overnight Tan: $35

Professional solutions with distinct violet-undertones to have you looking like you just came back from a sunny vacation. Rinse after 8-12hours, lasts up to 7 days with proper care.

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